12 Most Absurd Things seen at the Health Club

How many of these 12 Rules Do You Violate?

Many of us spend a lot of time at the health club. Just like anywhere else, you see some crazy things there. Here are my 12 Most Absurd Things Seen at the health club.

  • Parking—Part of the idea of going to the Health Club is exercise.  Right?  So why do people stop with their cars parked waiting for someone to pull out of a space for ten minutes so that they can park one row closer to the entrance?
  • Lockers—It does not seem to matter how many lockers there are or how crowded the club is, the odds say that the lockers above/below/adjacent to you will be the ones needed by the person changing at the exact same time as you
  • Attire—I realize you want to show off your body, but showing off” seems to have the connotation of making yourself look better, not worse. 
  • Mirrors—Yeah, you look cool.  But blocking half the floor of the stretching and ab workout area so you can watch yourself in the mirror?
  • Pool—I realize you take your swimming seriously but a 50 meter pool does not really necessitate you having an entire lane to yourself and scowling at anyone who dares to enter your waters.
  • Hot tub-The jets in the hot tub are for your other” muscles.
  • Change area—Aren’t we limited to one carry-on bag to come to the heath club?? The size of some of the bags the way that some people want to lay out their clothes seem to require a King Sized bed for them to get ready
  • Showers—Keep the singing and humming in your own shower.  And we don’t need your used razors left in the shower.
  • Blow Dryers—Okay, how do we even describe this on a public website.  Let’s just say don’t remove the L” from public because we don’t need to see you blow drying down there.
  • Scale—Here is a simple concept.  Get on.  Look at the number.  Get off.  Standing on the scale for 30-45 seconds is not going to make the number go down any lower. 
  • Suitmate—This machine is designed to get the water out of your suit.  When it stops spinning, no matter how much longer you hold down the lid your suit will not dry any further and it will never come out toasty warm like you are just getting it out of the clothes dryer.
  • Restaurant—Okay, we just worked out.  Burned a few calories.  It is fine to have all natural and healthy types of foods but can’t you have a little bit of junk food for us afterwards.

Which things do you see that drive you crazy?

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