Review: Concussion (the movie)

Overall I felt that the movie did a pretty good job of highlighting some of the most severe examples of what could happen as a result of ongoing head trauma and potentially as a result of CTE. Obviously, I am too close to the issue and not really part of the “target market” so maybe my expectations are a bit off.

Roy Kessel Reading List-March 2016

The Given Day Lehane, Dennis
Blink Gladwell, Malcolm
Worth Dying For Child, Lee
Amsterdam McEwen, Ian
To Thee Nines Evanovich, Janet
Accidental Billionaires Mezrich, Ben
Use Your Brain To Change Your Age Amen, Daniel
The Winner Baldacci, David
 Unbroken Hillenbrand, Laura
Private Berlin Patterson, James
Girl Who Kicked the Hornests Nest Larsson, Steig
Night Prey Sandford, John
The Why Axis Gneezy, Uri List, John
Angels Flight Connelly, Michael
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bryson, Bill
The Apostle Thor, Brad
Dark Harbor Woods, Stuart
Taboo Etine, Jon
The Wisdom of Our Fathers Russert, Tim
Private LA Patterson, James
The GM Callahan, Tom
A Wanted Man Child, Lee
The Rosie Project Simson, Graeme
Rembrandt Affair Silva, Daniel