While many computer and statistical models are used to simulate season schedules, one of the draw backs of those simulations is the fact that fans cannot really watch or participate in the same way.

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble 12-22-19

A busy week of events in Washington, DC and Chicago lead into the holiday period. Terrific event hosted by Aspen Institute focusing on the current challenges of the NCAA.

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NCAA faces increasing scrutiny

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Aspen Institute’s forum entitled: “The Future of College Sports: The Government’s Role in Athlete’s Pay.”

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Review: Dark Waters

I rarely review or suggest movies but I saw Dark Waters this past weekend with Kayla J Bradham. I highly recommend the film, though it was

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble 12-15-19

This coming week I am excited about the Sports Philanthropy Network holiday events in DC (December 17th) and Chicago (December 19th), as well as the Aspen Institute’s event on the State of College Sports which is being held in DC on December 17th.

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Roy Kessel Observations

I’m Thankful

Today I am very thankful for so many peoole in my life. My parents, Sharon, Julia Kessel, Brett Kessel, Kayla J Bradham and so many great friends who have been supportive and encouraging in good times and bad.

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Last week I had the good fortune to attend an event called MegaSuccess. Operated by the JT Foxx Organization, MegaSuccess is often billed as the Super Bowl of Business Conferences.

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble (11-22-19)

It has been an interesting week. Last weekend I was out in Buffalo for Project Play Western New York. This week I have been out in California for meetings with more sports youth organizations, promoting Sports Philanthropy WORLD 2020

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