Can we grant others the second chance given to Tiger?

As the accolades for Tiger poured in over the last few days (all well-deserved), it got me thinking about how unlikely it was. Not Tiger’s performance, but the fact that so many people wanted to see him do well. As a society, we often hear about the desire to see someone comeback from a past mistake. Should we give them all the second chance most have given to Tiger?

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble, April 14, 2019

Take a look at this week’s ramble which includes Tiger Woods, Daylight Savings Time, Al Bernstein’s induction into the Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame and David Goldstein’s book Alley Oop to Aliyah.

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Jewish Sports

Alley Oop to Aliyah

For any of you that have spent time in Israel, you know that sports are a big part of the culture. One of the enduring themes has been Maccabi Tel Aviv competing in European Championship games using African-American players who were not able to get (or stay) in the NBA.

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble, April 7, 2019

Each week I am planning to look at some of the stories and news that I found most interesting. This space will include some sports, but not all of the sports stories that I normally follow in the areas of sports philanthropy, sports law, sports business, Jewish sports, concussions and otherwise. If you want to see more of what I am following in those areas, let me know and I can point you to the best spots on my blog or various websites. You will see that I love to find some of life’s little absurdities and point those out as well as other interesting stories that I follow.

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JT Foxx MegaBranding

JT Foxx held his MegaBranding event in Chicago on April 3, 2019. Until about a year ago, I had never heard of JT Foxx. I attended one of his free events in Chicago last summer and got thrown into a whole new world. JT bills himself as The World’s #1 Wealth Coach.” Though he comes across as cocky and harsh, he has proven very successful and continues to create new businesses with his tireless energy.

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Fundraiser’s Forum

One of the key elements to running a successful non-profit is the ability to raise funds. But how do you do that in today’s competitive environment of fundraising? Every donor is being reached multiple times per month seeking to get funds from them to support a myriad of worthy causes.

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Roy Kessel Observations

25 Life Lessons I learned from Sharon

Sharon has taught me many things throughout her life. Despite her disability, I have probably learned more from Sharon than anyone else in my life. See what you can learn from her in these lessons.

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