Review of ESPN’s Broke

But after watching ESPN’s outstanding 30 for 30 Broke” there is not much else to say. I guess you could say it is sad, scary, disturbing or any of another dozen negative thoughts. I did not expect to be overwhelmed by it since this is a field with which I have a lot of direct experience.

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Review: Concussion (the movie)

Overall I felt that the movie did a pretty good job of highlighting some of the most severe examples of what could happen as a result of ongoing head trauma and potentially as a result of CTE. Obviously, I am too close to the issue and not really part of the “target market” so maybe my expectations are a bit off.

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Three Rule Changes that Would Improve Soccer

Soccer is obviously the world’s sport and the pageantry and vivid colors give the event great flair. However, there are 3 rules that I would love to see changed which would improve the soccer experience without drastically changing the sport. Any change is met with objection from the traditionalists but I believe that these 3 changes would create a better overall game.

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