While many computer and statistical models are used to simulate season schedules, one of the draw backs of those simulations is the fact that fans cannot really watch or participate in the same way.

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Can we grant others the second chance given to Tiger?

As the accolades for Tiger poured in over the last few days (all well-deserved), it got me thinking about how unlikely it was. Not Tiger’s performance, but the fact that so many people wanted to see him do well. As a society, we often hear about the desire to see someone comeback from a past mistake. Should we give them all the second chance most have given to Tiger?

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Jewish Sports

Alley Oop to Aliyah

For any of you that have spent time in Israel, you know that sports are a big part of the culture. One of the enduring themes has been Maccabi Tel Aviv competing in European Championship games using African-American players who were not able to get (or stay) in the NBA.

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Atlanta Super Bowl Week Recap

Busy week down at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Fantastic Sports Philanthropy events and great opportunities to network with those doing great work in their communities.

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