Power Brain Launches

Starting a new business venture is always a lot of work. People who have never launched a business underestimate the amount of time, money and stress that is involved (not to mention the lost sleep). So then you would ask yourself why I would go down this direction again. Well, the reality is that the challenge is energizing. There is an enormous feeling of accomplishment when you are able to get something off of the ground and make it successful.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to get involved with John Kennedy who has been teaching neuroplasticity for the last 10 years and developed a system called “Combat Brain Training” I was intrigued. I looked into the system, went thru a few demonstrations of the system, and did the research to see whether I felt it was a viable business model. Having been involved in the brain and concussion space since I founded Sports Brain in 2011, I have been looking for a way to continue that involvement within an environment that focuses of training and elevating the performance for so many distinct types of people and organizations.

We are preparing to run our first certification sessions in June and that will allow us to have people out in the community training a whole array of individuals who could benefit from improved neuroplasticity training.

While our Power Brain system can work for anyone, we intend to focus our efforts on five primary markets:

  • Sports
  • Education
  • Business
  • Military
  • Medical

I will definitely keep you updated as we fine tune the concept and role out the services in different markets. I hope that you will contact us if you have interest in learning more about our certification process or if you have a desire to receive Power Brain Training for yourself, your children, business partners, clients or organization’s board.

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