Review: Dark Waters

I rarely review or suggest movies but I saw Dark Waters this past weekend with Kayla J Bradham. I highly recommend the film, though it was very disturbing.

The movie focuses on the history of the DuPont corporation polluting waters with dangerous chemicals that remain in your body (Teflon). Many products and chemicals that we develop for legitimate and useful purposes are dangerous. Ultimately, we have to balance the issues that are involve to determine whether the cost to society is acceptable.

For the corporate entity, Teflon was extremely profitable which is why DuPont covered up the dangers. What I found most disturbing was the way DuPont fought against attempts to hold them accountable or help the victims.

The film also illustrates the multitude of failures in our societal systems that are supposed to serve as checks and balances. Throughout the movie you see significant problems with the EPA, Government and court system.

Many of you know and understand the growing dangers arising from contamination of our food and water supply. Sadly, Teflon is only one of many chemicals which cause this type of damage.

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