Roy Kessel Reading List-August 2017

Selling The Green Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Tim
Chain of Evidence Pearson, Ridley
Raw Cowherd, Colin
Fool Me Once Coben, Harlen
Ethics in the Real World Singer, Peter
Brass Verdict Connelly, Michael
Silent Partner Frey, Stephen
Hide Gardner, Lisa
Age of Betrayal Beatty, Jack
Survival of the Fittest Kellerman, Jonathan
What If Munroe, Randall
The Reversal Connelly, Michael
Lion DeMille, Nelson
Winning at Losing Weinman, Sam
Writ of Execution O’Shaughnessy, Perri
How to Beat the Pro Football Point Spread Smith, Bobby
8th Confession Patterson, James
Lost City Cussler, Clive
Flourish Seligman, Martin
The Ethical Slut Easton, Dossie Lizst, Catherine
Undue Influence Martini, Steve
Deep Work Newport, Cal
Black Notice Cornwell, Patricia
A Thin Dark Line Hoag, Tami
Courtroom 302 Bogira, Steve
Final Girls Sager, Riley
The Angel Maker Pearson, Ridley
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