Roy Kessel Reading List-January 2017

Where Else Would You Rather Be Levy, Marv
Missing You Coben, Harlen
Better Than Before Rubin, Gretchen
A German Requiem Kerr, Philip
Understanding Psychological Preparation for Sport Harding, Janis, Gould
Walk-On This Way Nellis, Joel
Empress File Sandford, John
Fourth Generation Management Joiner, Brian
The Four Agreements Ruis, Don Miguel
The Road To Character Brooks, David
All Fall Down Gruenfeld, Lee
E-Myth Mastery Gerber, Michael
Poisonwood Bible Kingsolver, Barbara
Beach Road Patterson, James
Predictably Irrational Ariely, Dan
The Quest DeMille, Nelson
The Pursuit of Excellence Orlick, Terry
Fueled By Failure Bloom, Jeremy
The Forgotten Kellerman, Faye
Sharp Solution Hanna, Heidi
Insatiable Appetites Woods, Stuart
Fifth Agreement Ruis, Don Miguel
Time Bomb Kellerman, Jonathan
Big Magic Gilbert, Elizabeth
Gridiron Kerr, Philip
Fifty Shades of Grey James, E.L.
Hope Will Find You Levy, Naomi
Message in a Bottle Sparks, Nicholas
Lasting Impact Kennedy, Kostya
In The Woods French, Tana
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