Roy Kessel Reading List-January 2018

The Ultramind Solution Hyman, Mark
The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working Schwartz, Tony
The Upside of Irrationality Ariely, Dan
Filthy Rich Patterson, James
Mental Traps Kukla, Andre
Endurance Kelly, Scott
The Force Winslow, Don
Weird Al–The Book Rabin, Nathan
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Bradberry, Travis Greaves, Jean
Murder can botch up your birthday Eichler, Selma
Rough Justice Scottoline, Lisa
“E” is for Evidence Grafton, Sue
Prior Bad Acts Hoag, Tami
The Jury Martini, Steve
The Sportswriter Ford, Richard
Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home Kemelman, Harry
Isle of Dogs Cornwell, Patricia
No Second Chance Coben, Harlen
The Drop Connelly, Michael
Gone Kellerman, Jonathan
The Adversity Advantage Stoltz, Paul Weinhenmayer, Erik
Sahara Cussler, Clive
Live To Tell Gardner, Lisa
Proof Positive Margolin, Phillip
The Secret History Tartt, Donna
The Columbus Affair Berry, Steve
Mistaken Identity Scottoline, Lisa
Parallel Lies Pearson, Ridley
Born in Death Robb, JD
Broken Slaughter, karin
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