Roy Kessel Reading List-June 2017

The Girl in the Spiders Web Lagercrantz, David
How to See Yourself as You Really Are Lama, Dalai
Blue Gold Cussler, Clive
The Chase Evanovich, Janet Goldberg, Lee
Trust Fund Frey, Stephen
Conversations with Myself Mandela, Nelson
The Web Kellerman, Jonathan
The Whistler Grisham, John
Number the Stars Lowry, Lois
This Was Man Archer, Jeffrey
Your Herd Me Cowherd, Colin
No Man’s Land Baldacci, David
The Truth Franken, Al
Dark Paradise Hoag, Tami
13 Reasons Why Asher, Jay
Nine Dragons Connelly, Michael
One Hundred Years of Solitude Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
The Great Maggid .
Play Dead Coben, Harlen
Choose To Matter Foudy, Julie
6th Target Patterson, James
The Last Precinct Cornwell, Patricia
Option B Sandberg, Sheryl Grant, Adam
The Job Evanovich, Janet Goldberg, Lee
4 Hour Body Ferris, Tim
Closing Time Heller, Joseph
Move to Strike O’Shaughnessy, Perri
Prime Witness Martini, Steve
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