Roy Kessel Reading List-November 2015

Gone Baby Gone Lehane, Dennis
Devil in the Grove King, Gilbert
Rules of Prety Sandford, John
Bad Luck and Trouble Child, Lee
My Horizontal Life Handler, Chelsea
The Hit Baldacci, David
Takedown Thor, Brad
Who Will Cry When You Die Sharma, Robin
NY Dead Woods, Stuart
One for the Money Evanovich, Janet
The Art of Possibility Zander, Rosamund Stone
Rogue Lawyer Grisham, John
Pursuit of Honor Flynn, Vince
Two for the Dough Evanovich, Janet
Managing Conflict: From Inside Out Robert, Marc
The Messenger Silva, Daniel
Team Tips Fisher, Raymer, Belgard
Invisible Patterson, James
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Sharma, Robin
Three to Get Deadly Evanovich, Janet
Are you there Vodka, its me Chelsea Handler, Chelsea
The Concrete Blonde Connelly, Michael
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