Roy Kessel Reading List-November 2017

Dark Horse Hoag, Tami
Open Agassi, Andre
The Protg Frey, Stephen
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers Sapolsky, Robert
“C” is for Corpse Grafton, Sue
A Cold Heart Kellerman, Jonathan
Getting Things Done Allen, David
Unlucky in Law O’Shaughnessy, Perri
Critical Mass Martini, Steve
The Happiness Advantage Achor, Shawn
The First Victim Pearson, Ridley
The Talent Code Coyle, Daniel
Treasure Cussler, Clive
Why Smart Executives Fail Finklestein, Sydney
Finding My Virginity Branson, Richard
The Scarpetta Factor Cornwell, Patricia
Infonomics Laney, Doug
Divided in Death Robb, J.D.
Think Smart Restak, Richard
12th of Never Patterson, James
Who’s on Top Who’s on Bottom Schwebel, Robert
Wild Justice Margolin, Philip
Power of the Dog Winslow, Don
Storm Warning Roberts, Nora
Run Patchett, Ann
Faithless Slaughter, Karin
The Art of Fielding Horbach, Chad
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