Roy Kessel Reading List-October 2017

Secret Pilgrim LeCarre, John
Bel Canto Patchett, Ann
Back In The Game Kutcher, Jeffrey Gerstner, Joanne
Ashes to Ashes Hoag, Tami
Mindset Dweck, Carol
Dark Places Flynn, Gillian
Spark Raly, John
The Chairman Frey, Stephen
“B” is for Burglar Grafton, Sue
Loneliness Caccioppo, John Patrick, William
The Murder Book Kellerman, Jonathan
The Neighbor Gardner, Lisa
The Yiddish Policemans Union Chabon, Michael
Fooled by Randomness Taleb, Nassim Nicholas
Presumption of Death O’Shaughnessy, Perri
Windy City Simon, Scott
Cyclops Cussler, Clive
The Athlete’s Way Bergland, Christopher
The List Martini, Steve
The How of Happiness Lyubomirsky, Sonja
Getting Up and Down Venturi, Ken
Trace Cornwell, Patricia
11th Hour Patterson, James
Reunion in Death Robb, J.D.
Camino Island Grisham, John
Indelible Slaughter, Karin
Risky Business Roberts, Nora
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