Roy Kessel’s Business/Leadership Reading Recommendations for January to June 2017

Here are my best reading recommendations for January to June 2017 in the Business/Leadership category.

  1. Predictably Irrational–Dan Ariely
  2. Linchpin–Seth Godin
  3. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty–Dan Ariely
  4. Delivering Happiness–Tony Hsieh
  5. Blindspot–Banaji and Greenwald
  6. Success Principles–Jack Canfield
  7. The Organized Mind–David Levitan
  8. Fueled by Failure–Jeremy Bloom
  9. Sharp Solution–Heidi Hanna
  10. Lessons in LeadershIT–Ana Dutra
  11. Tools of Titans–Tim Ferris
  12. Thinking for a Change–John Maxwell
  13. 4 Hour Body–Tim Ferris
  14. Fourth Generation Management–Brian Joiner
  15. 4 Hour Workweek–Tim Ferris
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