Roy Kessel’s Business/Leadership Reading Recommendations for July through December 2017

Here are my best reading recommendations for July through December 2017 in the Business/Leadership category.

  1. Radical Candor–Kim Scott
  2. Captivate–Vanessa Van Edwards
  3. Give and Take–Adam Grant
  4. Ethics in the Real World–Peter Singer
  5. Deep Work–Cal Newport
  6. Getting Things Done–David Allen
  7. Spark–John Raley
  8. Infonomics–Doug Laney
  9. Principles–Ray Dalio
  10. The Talent Code–Daniel Coyle
  11. Fooled by Randomness–Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  12. Why Smart Executives Fail–Sydney Finklestein
  13. Think Smart–Richard Restak
  14. The One Thing You Need To Know–Marcus Buckingham
  15. Succeed–Heidi Grant Halvorsen
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