Roy Kessel’s Miscellaneous Reading Recommendations for January to June 2016

Here are my best reading recommendations for January to June 2016 in the Miscellaneous category.

  1. Wisdom of Our Fathers–Tim Russert
  2. Turbulent Souls–Stephen Dubner
  3. Rigged–Ben Mezrich
  4. Orange is the New Black–Piper Kerman
  5. 188th Crybaby Brigade–Joel Chasnoff
  6. In a Sunburned Country–Bill Bryson
  7. Accidental Billionaires–Ben Mezrich
  8. A Short History of Nearly Everything–Bill Bryson
  9. Sein Language–Jerry Seinfeld
  10. Neither Here Nor There–Bill Bryson
  11. A Walk in The Woods–Bill Bryson
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