Roy Kessel’s Personal Development/Self-Help Reading Recommendations for July through December 2017

Here are my best reading recommendations for July through December 2017 in the Personal Development/Self-Help category.

  1. Flourish–Martin Seligman
  2. Younger Next Year–Chris Crowley/Henry Lodge
  3. Mindless Eating–Brian Wainsink
  4. Mindset–Carol Dweck
  5. The How of Happiness–Sonja Lyubormirsky
  6. Positivity–Barbara Frederickson
  7. Mindsight–Daniel Siegel
  8. Willpower–Roy Baumeister/John Tierney
  9. Rapt–Winifred Gallagher
  10. Year of Yes–Shonda Rimes
  11. Lonlinless–John Caccioppo/William Patrick
  12. The Happiness Advantage–Shawn Achor
  13. The Relaxation Response–Herbert Benson
  14. Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers–Robert Sapolsky
  15. I Don’t Know What I Want: But I Know It Isn’t This–Julie Jansen
  16. Who’s On Top/Who’s On Bottom–Dr. Robert Schwebel
  17. Open Boxes–Christine Organ
  18. Keep Your Brain Alive–Lawrence Katz/Manning Rubin
  19. Chicken Soup For The Prisoner’s Soul–Jack Canfield/Mark Victor Hansen
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