Roy Kessel’s Self-Help/Spiritual Reading Recommendations for January to June 2016

Here are my best reading recommendations for January to June 2016 in the Self-Help/Spiritual category.

  1. Happier–Tal Ben Shahar
  2. Crossroads of Should and Must–Elle Luna
  3. I Thought It Was Just Me–Brene Brown
  4. Break The Habit of Being Yourself–Dr. Joe Dispenza
  5. When Bad Things Happen To Good People–Harold Kushner
  6. Use Your Brain to Change Your Age–Daniel Amen
  7. Daring Greatly–Brene Brown
  8. Seek Peace and Pursue It–Dovid Lieberman
  9. Rising Strong–Brene Brown
  10. Power of Now–Ekhart Tolle
  11. A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose–Ekhart Tolle
  12. Millionaire Next Door–Thomas Stanley/William Danko
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