Roy Kessel’s Sports Reading Recommendations for July through December 2017

Here are my best reading recommendations for July through December 2017 in the Sports category.

  1. Back in the Game–Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher/Joanne Gerstner
  2. Unwinding Madness–Gerald Gurney/Donna Lopiano/Andrew Zimbalist
  3. Larceny Games–Brian Tuohy
  4. Open–Andre Agassi
  5. Raw–Colin Cowherd
  6. Winning at Losing–Sam Weinman
  7. Smart Baseball–Keith Law
  8. Getting Up and Down–Ken Venturi
  9. The Art of Fielding–Chad Horbach
  10. The Athlete’s Way–Christopher Bergland
  11. How to Beat the Pointspread–Bobby Smith
  12. Selling The Green–Jonathan Taylor/Tim Davis
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