Roy Kessel Observations

I’m Thankful

Today I am very thankful for so many peoole in my life. My parents, Sharon, Julia Kessel, Brett Kessel, Kayla J Bradham and so many great friends who have been supportive and encouraging in good times and bad.

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Last week I had the good fortune to attend an event called MegaSuccess. Operated by the JT Foxx Organization, MegaSuccess is often billed as the Super Bowl of Business Conferences.

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble (11-22-19)

It has been an interesting week. Last weekend I was out in Buffalo for Project Play Western New York. This week I have been out in California for meetings with more sports youth organizations, promoting Sports Philanthropy WORLD 2020

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Roy's Ramble

Roy’s Ramble, November 1, 2019

The top story of the week was the NCAA’s statement about allowing student-athletes to be compensated for their Name, Image and Likeness. Read my two articles about why those are going to cause a lot of problems.

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