Roy Kessel Reading List-August 2016

Cat and Mouse Patterson, James
Once We Were Brothers Balson, Ronald
The Brain That Changes Itself Doidge, Norman
Alone Gardner, Lisa
DC Dead Woods, Stuart
Think and Grow Rich Hill, Napoleon
Phantom Prey Sandford, John
NYPD Red 4 Patterson, James
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Maxwell, John
Saving Sophie Balson, Ronald
Notorious Nineteen Evanovich, Janet
Day of Atonement Kellerman, Faye
Think Simple Segall, Ken
Six Years Coben, Harlen
Change Anything
Gods of Guilt Connelly, Michael
Beach Music Conroy, Pat
Private #1 Suspect Patterson, James
Happiness Project Rubin, Gretchen
Catch Me Gardner, Lisa
When All You’ve Wanted Isn’t Enough Kushner, Harold
Sever Clear Woods, Stuart
Blood Test kellerman, Jonathan
As a Man Thinketh Allen, James
Winter of Frankie Machine Winslow, Don
Burden of Proof Turow, Scott
We Can All Do Better Bradley, Bill
These Honored Dead Putnam, Jonathan
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