Roy Kessel Reading List-February 2017

Success Principles Canfield, Jack
Bad Blood Sandford, John
Definitive Biography of Billy Joel Schrivers, Fred
The Chasidic Approach to Joy Majewski, Rabbi Shlomo
Hot Pursuit Woods, Stuart
Authentic Happiness Seligman, Martin
Stone Kiss Kellerman, Faye
The Quickie Patterson, James
The Lessons in LeaderSHIT Dutra, Ana
Deal Breaker Coben, Harlen
Killing Hour Gardner, Lisa
Own Your Day Rosen, Keith
The English Girl Silva, Daniel
Fifty Shades Darker James, E.L.
The Organized Mind Levitan, Daniel
Devils Waltz Kellerman, Jonathan
The Rebbe’s Army Fishkoff, Sue
Happier at Home Rubin, Gretchen
Cutting for Stone Verghese, Abraham
DIY MFA Pereira, Gabriela
A Walk to Remember Sparks, Nicholas
Metro Girl Evanovich, Janet
Super Better McGonigal, Jane
For One More Day Albom, Mitch
Live from NY Miller, James Andrew Shales, Tim
Plum Island DeMille, Nelson
Linchpin Godin, Seth
Shockwave Sandford, John
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