Roy Kessel Reading List-November 2016

How To Meditate Roland, Paul
Hurricane (Ruben Carter) Hirsch, James
Mind Games Grant, Jeff Perrin, Sarah
Overcoming Life’s Disappointments Kushner, Harold
Focus Goleman, Daniel
Good Guys and Bad Guys Nocera, Joe
GPS For Your Soul Aleph
Shoe Dog Knight, Phil
The Advocates Devil Dershowitz, Alan
The Girl From Human Street Cohen, Roger
Zinger Azinger, Paul
World Gone By Lehane, Dennis
The Woods Coben, Harlen
Violets are Blue Patterson, James
Stand Up Guy Woods, Stuart
Athena Project Thor, Brad
Justice Kellerman, Faye
Kite Runner Husseini, Khaled
Overlook Connelly, Michael
Silent Partner kellerman, Jonathan
Full Black Thor, Brad
March Violet Kerr, Philip
Just One Look Coben, Harlen
Carnal Curiosity Woods, Stuart
The Power of One Courtney, Bryce
The Unlikely Spy Silva, Daniel
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