Roy Kessel Reading List-September 2016

Takedown Twenty Evanovich, Janet
Perfection Deception Bluestein, Jame
Wicked Prey Sandford, John
Real Leaders Don’t Follow Tobak, Steve
Caught Coben, Harlen
Arab Soccer in Israel Sorek, Tamir
Living a Life That Matters Kushner, Harold
Poet Connelly, Michael
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Carlson, Richard
Moon Music Kellerman, Faye
Cometh the Hour Archer, Jeffrey
Emotional Intelligence Goleman, Daniel
Pop Goes the Weasal Patterson, James
Collateral Damage Woods, Stuart
To Sell iS Human Pink, Daniel
Kings of Cool Winslow, Don
Never Eat Alone Ferrazi, Keith
Top Secret Twenty One Evanovich, Janet
Price of Privilege Levine, Madeline
Butchers Theater kellerman, Jonathan
What Got You Here Wont get you there Goldsmith, Marshall
Unintended Consequences Woods, Stuart
What the Dog Saw Gladwell, Malcolm
Pleading Guilty Turow, Scott
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